Nana’s Shisha Lounge in Watford

If you’re wondering what Shisha is, you’re in for a treat as you are about to fly through a Mediterranean tunnel as I explain to you the delightful history of Shisha and how its pipe landed in your very hands at Nana’s. The word ‘shisha’ actually comes from the Persian word for glass. This ancient glass water pipe has been used for centuries in the Middle East to smoke away the day’s stress, while relaxing with friends and family or whilst having a bite to eat after a long day. There are over 25 flavours to suit your preferences, from double apple to frozen blueberry. Once you select your desired flavour you will be presented with a glamorous glass pipe along with your very own mouthpiece to ensure hygienic safety. Each Shisha lasts between 30 minutes and an hour and is usually shared between two people – so that you can experience the cloudy, colourful and flavoursome journey together. If you’d like to enjoy your regular Shisha with a couple of mates or even try it for the very first time, Nana’s is the perfect place for you to do this. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01923 440055 to book your table and begin your spectacular roller-coaster ride through Lebanon!

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